Kent Piano Movers

Moving a piano is complex. Their size and weight mean that enormous care and attention are needed when moving them. Beyond that, there’s also the sentimental and financial value that many pianos hold. So, this is not a job for amateurs. Navigating Kent’s narrow lanes and bustling town centres with such precious cargo can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’re a concert pianist moving to a new venue or a family heirloom relocating to its new home, the importance of employing expert piano movers in Kent to handle your treasured instrument cannot be overstated.

Kent Piano Movers

Specialist Piano Removal Services We Offer in Kent

At South Eastern Removals, we pride ourselves on offering a dedicated range of specialist piano removal services throughout Kent. We understand the nuances involved in moving a piano – and we’re equipped with the expertise, the tools, and the knowledge to tackle each unique challenge. Let’s delve deeper into the specific services we offer to facilitate your piano removal process.

Grand & Upright Piano Moves in Kent

Whether you own a majestic grand piano that is the centerpiece of your living room, or a charming upright piano that has been part of your family for generations, moving these instruments requires expertise and precision. At South Eastern Removals, we are well-versed in the complexities of moving upright or grand pianos. 

Our expert piano moving team is trained to meticulously dismantle, pack, transport, and reassemble your piano, ensuring it arrives at its new location in Kent in pristine condition. We use specially designed equipment, such as piano skid boards and dollies, to move your piano safely. Our vehicles are equipped with climate control systems to protect your instrument from Kent’s variable weather conditions. We understand that every piano has its story and character, and we aim to preserve it throughout the relocation process.

Piano Pre-Move Consultation in Kent

Before the actual move, we offer a comprehensive pre-move consultation service for our customers. This crucial step allows us to fully understand the specific requirements and challenges of your piano disposal. Our experienced specialists will conduct a detailed survey of your piano, assessing its size, weight, and the complexity of the moving process. We will also evaluate the access points at both the pick-up and delivery locations to plan the safest and most efficient route for the move. 

When moving pianos, we take into account factors such as narrow staircases, tight corners, and uneven surfaces, and prepare for any obstacles that we may encounter. The consultation provides an opportunity for you to raise any concerns and ask questions about the moving process. This meticulous planning helps us ensure the smooth and safe transportation of your prized instrument, giving you peace of mind that your piano is in the hands of experts.

Packing & Crating Piano in Kent

Packing and crating your piano is a crucial step in the removal process, as proper packing can significantly reduce the risk of damage during transit. We offer a comprehensive packing and crating service for your piano anywhere in Kent. Our team of professional piano movers Kent uses bespoke packing materials tailored to the unique dimensions of your instrument, ensuring optimal protection. We envelope the piano in specially designed padding to safeguard its delicate surface from scratches and dings. Each component, from the keyboard to the pedal box, is carefully wrapped and secured. For grand pianos, the legs and pedal lyre are disassembled and individually packed for added security. 

The piano is then placed in a custom-built crate, designed to withstand the rigours of transportation, offering an added layer of protection. Our crating materials are durable, impact-resistant, and designed to absorb shocks, ensuring that your valuable instrument reaches its new home in Kent in impeccable condition. In essence, our meticulous packing service is akin to providing a personalised, padded ‘travel case’ for your piano, allowing it to travel across Kent with complete security and peace of mind.

Piano Transport & Handling in Kent

Transporting and handling pianos across Kent is a task that requires considerable expertise and specialised equipment. At South Eastern Removals, we are fully equipped to manage the complexities of piano transportation. We operate a fleet of modern, climate-controlled vehicles designed to accommodate pianos of all sizes.

The interiors of our vehicles are fitted with secure strapping systems and heavy-duty padding to protect your piano from any bumps or jolts during the journey. Our trained handlers use specialised lifting equipment to safely manoeuvre your piano, minimising manual handling and reducing the risk of injury or damage.

 We navigate Kent’s diverse landscapes and roads, from the historic cobbled streets of Canterbury to the steep inclines of the North Downs, ensuring we deliver your piano safely to it’s new home. Be it the bustling hub of Sevenoaks or a quaint village in the Kentish countryside, we ensure the safe and secure handling of your piano throughout its journey.

Piano Storage Solutions in Kent

As part of our piano removals in Kent, we offer safe solutions to store your piano. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities are designed with the optimal preservation of your instrument in mind. Each storage unit is climate-controlled to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, preventing harmful fluctuations that can cause your piano to go out of tune or damage its delicate components.

Our storage services also include 24/7 CCTV surveillance and sophisticated alarm systems, offering you peace of mind that your prized possession is safe and sound. Each instrument will be carefully wrapped and protected within our facilities, ensuring that it remains in perfect condition until you’re ready to welcome it back into your home. With South Eastern Removals, your piano is not just stored—it’s cared for.

Why Choose South Eastern Removals Company to Move Your Piano in and from Kent?

As one of the best moving companies, we understand that your piano is more than just an instrument. It holds sentimental value and deserves the utmost care. Our specialist piano moving team has the experience and expertise necessary to move your piano safely to it’s new home. From the initial consultation to secure storage facilities, we provide full-fledged piano moving service and take care of every detail, leaving you stress-free. 

Piano’s are moved using our own specialist piano moving equipment and specialized techniques to ensure the safety of your piano during transport. Our modern vehicles for collection and delivery, as well as our custom packing materials, are designed to protect your highly prized and expensive instrument throughout the journey. But it’s not just about technical expertise – we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. 

When it comes to moving pianos, we value open communication, addressing your concerns, and answering your questions every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations. So, if you need a piano removal company that is fast and professional, choose South Eastern Removals. Contact us today and get your free, no obligation quote.

Areas We Cover

  • Maidstone piano removals
  • Canterbury piano removals
  • Ashford piano removals
  • Rochester piano removals
  • Chatham piano removals
  • Gillingham piano removals
  • Folkestone piano removals
  • Dover piano removals
  • Margate piano removals
  • Tunbridge Wells piano removals


How much does local piano moving cost in Kent?

The cost of moving a piano locally in Kent depends on several factors including the size and type of the piano, the distance to be travelled, and any additional services required such as storage or special packing. We provide a free quote following an assessment of your needs to ensure we can give you the most accurate price. Rest assured, at South Eastern Removals, we strive to offer competitive prices for our expert services.

Are pianos hard to get rid of in Kent?

Pianos, especially older or antique models, can be challenging to dispose of due to their size, weight, and the specialised knowledge needed to dismantle them. However, in Kent, there are various options available if you wish to part with your piano. Charities, schools, community centres, or local artists may be interested in accepting donated pianos. There are also professional services, like South Eastern Removals, that can handle the safe and responsible disposal or recycling of unwanted pianos. Always remember, repurposing or recycling a piano is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than sending it to a landfill.